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I always want to continue promoting equality by encouraging every girl to wear their swims in peace without financial pressure (Pax means peace in Latin) and still stay fashionably vibrant and confident.

Having had the interest to start my swimwear brand and growing around the Lake Victoria region, it is safe to say that back then I could not afford a good swim. I have been in the business, for now, four years (in 2024) and I see the need for every girl out there to feel and look beautiful whenever they are in swimwear.

Therefore, I am actively creating affordable swims for every girl to have a chance to feel beautiful, and confident while wearing their Paxwears! This will be for all my East African Paxwear girls and on the other hand, I will still be creating swims of more value than the affordable ones for everyone including my international customers based on the fabrics and designs used.

The overall swims made will, however, still remain of higher quality, inclusive, functional, and most importantly, comfortable.

Reasons for creating Paxwear Nai Swims

  • For every girl to access and own one
  • To empower the women
  • To promote peace and equality
  • To bridge the financial gap of purchasing expensive swims
  • To make fashion more sexy and still affordable
  • To use the available Kenyan raw materials


These new Paxwear Nai styles are simplistic, and alluring and coax out the feminine/sensual side of each paxwear babe who wears them.

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