About me

About the designer

Most people know me as Pax which is a nickname my mom gave me. I grew up in the Lake Victoria region where we could swim bare; no bikinis or swimming costumes available. Fast forward to my teenage years, I moved to towns where I could watch people on TV swim in bikinis and really got inspired to not only wanting to own one but also to make one. At that time, I knew I wanted to make something that people could relate to; comfortable, fitting and stylish enough bikinis to bring out their inner beauty using vibrant colors. I continued with my studies and did my Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics where I got knowledge on body fitness and the importance of good health. I wanted to incorporate this in my swimwear to make fun, chic, contemporary athleisure wear, a lifestyle that everyone dreams of when you wear your Paxwear. I brought the idea to life in 2020 when I first launched my two collections Pax Set and the Ziza Set.

  • Idah Aluoch

The brand and design

The name Pax means peace in Latin and was the Roman goddess of peace.

Paxwear is a solution-based Kenyan swimwear label showcasing the power and confidence in women through vibrant, timeless and inclusive designs irregardless of labels put on us by society.

The designs are inspired by the rising sun and just like it radiates through the skin and brings out the brighter and powerful side of you, Paxwear is designed to ignite the fun, vitalize and beam the confidence in you by focusing on fabric, fit and functionality.

The high-quality bikini options are perfect for swimming and lounging in the sun. These designs can also be paired with other apparel like shorts and jeans to fit your every day look. If you are craving a fit that is sporty, timeless, flirty and feminine, then Paxwear is your number one online stopping shop. Looking forward to seeing you in your Paxwear 😊.